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    Today I entertained myself by sketching some Disney ladies in swimwear. :D I’m actually very happy with all of them.

    Ohman I want Esmerelda’s sooo bad!
    And I love how Kida’s is just her wear from the movie

    I’ll take everything in the third row

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    SPN lady per episode:
    Hunted - Ava Wilson

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    Sweet England, sweet America, and the two sweethearts being disgustingly cute together in public? Yes anons, those sound like my favorite sort of stories :)

    (Heads up, these stories are going to be a bit random because it was just the ones I could think of.)

    Extra-Sweet England


  6. Anonymous asked: wow reading thru your post and you have good ideas!!! do you ever have ideas you'd like to see written but wouldn't want to write yourself?


    Hmm, I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of an idea but not wanted to write it. For me, writing the fic is the fun part. If I had endless time and money, I’d be happy to write all of my never-ending plot bunnies (they build up in my head the same way dust bunnies collect under my bed).

    Instead the ideas have to wait in my mental queue until I have time to finish them. I mean, I’ve been thinking about doing a Star Trek crossover for two years now, but the plot is pretty ambitious, so I’ve been waiting for more uninterrupted writing time. Not sure when that’s going to happen ;)

    Anyway, here are some ideas that I’m probably not going to ever get around to writing so if someone else wants to do it, that would be lovely:

    • Wreck it Alfred: The same plot line as Wreck it Ralph, but starring super-strong wants-a-medal Alfred. (Bonus points if Poland is Fix-it Felix.)
    • A USUK version of the Princess Bride. The Prince Bridegroom? Hmmm…. Basically, I just really really want to see Arthur as the Dread Pirate Roberts.
    • More reality-show fics. I’m thinking something called “Around the World in 80 Dates” would be a lovely mix of the Amazing Race and the Bachelor. Also, America is my shipping bicycle, so I’d be quite happy to see him on dates with lots of different countries ;)

    Now I really want to see these or write them.



  7. kismesexual asked: Do you know any fic where Arthur comforts/helps Alfred?


    Yep! Though I should warn you that comforting!Arthur usually means hurt!Alfred.

    Fluffy Comforting

    • Kisses (by faesphinx) - America wants to know why England doesn’t give him a kiss when he leaves.
    • Topping the Charts (by Hikari Kaitou) - England’s the only one who can make America feel better about his terrible world ranking.

    Dark / Angsty Comforting

    Historical Comforting

    Country-Issues Comforting


  8. Anonymous asked: hi:) so theres this USUK fanfiction where Alfred and Arthur have to share a tent, and Alfred can't sleep because Arthurs having a certain dream... and being kinda loud in his sleep...


    Is this a question or a pop quiz? ;)

    I think you’re referring to Those Intangibles (by Tinstars). England and America share a tent during WWII. England has a wet dream, and America jerks off while he listens. It’s wonderfully smutty with a great deal of unspoken longing.

    If you don’t mean smut, there’s also 2:43 AM (by chibitalex). It’s also set in WWII, but in this one England wakes up from the pain of war. Or if you wanted an AU, there’s this drabble (by empressvegah) where the two share a tent and Arthur tries to confess his love in his dreams. Such cuties!


  9. Bungee Jumping


    a/n: Zeplerfer requested ‘Bungee Jumping’, so I delivered. I apologise for any mistakes, I didn’t really read through it thoroughly. Enjoy! 

    Bungee Jumping

    “Tell me why we’re doing this again.” 

    America grinned. “Because New Zealand is the epic capital of extreme sports and everyone knows you have to go Bungee Jumping here otherwise you haven’t experienced New Zealand for realz, you know?” 

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  10. Extreme Makeover (USUK)


    Tony’s alien technology can take human shapewear to the next level. The person who wears it is entirely reshaped, from appearance to personality. America counts on that to show off to England, but it backfires.

    Scanned by: kyles-hetalian-test-tubicles



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